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Our Story

Our passion and unmatched expertise with JLR vehicles spans over 37 years and 3 generations.

Swallows Care

Swallows Care meticulously looks after the maintenance and upkeep of both classic and modern vehicles. Our workshop has unrivaled, award winning technical expertise which is why our customers ship cars to us from all over Europe.

Swallows Racing

No other brand comes close to the experience and quality of our workmanship when it comes to engineering custom JLR vehicle parts. We design and build all our parts inhouse in Somerset UK, and we are the only brand to practice what we preach and test our award winning parts on the racetrack.


Approved Used

Buy a Swallows Approved JLR vehicle from our workshop. All Swallows Approved Vehicles are thoroughly tested, repaired, and ready to drive away with our extended warranty. We can also advise on suitable vehicles for bespoke builds.


Bespoke Builds

Our experts consult with you to build a custom solution with the highest possible performance. Whether you have a vehicle you want to upgrade, or you would like us to source a vehicle on your behalf, our experts will advise the best approach.


Refined Builds

We preselect vehicles and fit exclusive, racetrack proven parts to provide a high performance, off the shelf solution which is ready to drive away with extended warranty.

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Our Channel

We’re hitting 2022 with some fresh content here on YouTube covering project builds and race weekends along with an insight into the life at Swallows Racing.

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